Monday, May 21, 2018

The newest book from the Horror Writer's Association!

A New York Horror anthology from Hippocampus Press to Benefit Mentoring Group, Girls Write Now
Hippocampus Press, editors James Chambers, April Grey, and Robert Masterson, and twenty-five authors are thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of an anthology of New York horror stories to raise funds for the non-profit writing organization, Girls Write Now.
A New York State of Fright: Horror Stories from the Empire State
presents twenty-four tales of darkness and fear by New York authors and set in New York City and state. This collection of original and reprinted stories showcases many unique voices in dark fiction and settings from the fashion world of Midtown Manhattan to the sinister history of upstate New York. Readers will encounter the loneliness of a living on the street; the fearsome quirks of the upstate wilds; a city punished by nature; unpleasant histories buried beneath modern parks and buildings; lost moments from a famous boardwalk; a New York City where the walking dead are just another fact of life; razor sharp satire of the gap between rich and poor; forgotten relics of the old city warehoused in Brooklyn, and much, much more.
The authors, editors, and publishers will donate all proceeds from the sales of A New York State of Fright to Girls Write Now, a New York organization that mentors underserved young women to help them find their voices through the power of writing and community. For 20 years, Girls Write Now has matched teen girls with women professional writers and media makers as their personal mentors. Their mentees, more than 90 percent girls of color and 90 percent high need, publish in outlets such as The New York Times, Newsweek, and BuzzFeed; perform at Lincoln Center and the United Nations; and earn hundreds of scholastic art & writing awards. One hundred percent of Girls Write Now seniors go on to college. Girls Write Now has been distinguished three times by the White House as one of the nation's top youth programs and twice by the Nonprofit Excellence Awards as one of New York’s top ten nonprofits.
Award-winning and new authors include: Marc Abbott, Meghan Arcuri, Alp Beck, Allan Burd, Elizabeth Crowens, John C. Foster, J.G. Faherty, Trevor Firetog, Patrick Frievald, Teel James Glenn, Amy Grech, Grady Hendrix, Erik T. Johnson. Hal Johnson, Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee, Charie D. LaMarr, Lisa Mannetti, Monica O’Rourke, Patrick Thomas, David Sakmyster, Kathleen Scheiner, Jeff C. Stevenson, J. Daniel Stone, and Steven Van Patten.
Contacts: James Chambers (, Derrick Hussey (, or Molly MacDermot (
For more information:
  •   Girls Write Now (, Twitter: @girlswritenow, Facebook: @girlswritenow, Instagram: @girlswritenow
  •   Hippocampus Press (, Facebook: @Hippocampus.Press
  •   Horror Writers Association—New York Chapter (, Twitter:
    @HWA_NYS; Facebook: @horrorwritersnewyork 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Always a thrill

When you hold copies of your books fir the first time never gets old...
Thanks to Alex S.  Johnson  for making this one happen...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A heroic anthology!

I am honored to have a story and some poems (and illustrations) in this fantastic collection of classic Sword and Sorcery tales....

Thursday, March 8, 2018

a five star review for A Year of Shadows!

Pulp Fandom Legend Tom Johnson liked the action in A Year of Shadows-- read his review on his blog:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Games Afoot!

I have a Dr. Argent short story in this issue- "The Occurrence of the Marionette!"

Monday, March 5, 2018

my newest pulp adventure!

A Year of Shadows is a pulse pounding collection of five tales featuring the grant man- Dr. Shadows in tales that span from Hong Kong to Upstate New York to the Caribbean Island of Martinidad!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

check out this short holiday tale- and maybe win a book!