Friday, March 1, 2019

A brand new one from Tommy Hancock!

Rising from Forgotten Four Color Origins, Characters of All Types Live Again in a shared World of Their Own! PULP DOMAIN, an epic concept reviving obscure comic book characters in the Public Domain as modern Pulp Heroes and Villains, brings the weird and wild, the brave and unbelievable, the vile and out of this world to life once more, thanks to concept creator and award winning author Tommy Hancock.
“Some characters,” says Hancock about his latest project, “simply don’t get the chance they need to live, to grow, to appeal to readers. Sure, there’s a ton of reasons why, and maybe some characters should just have their one appearance sixty or more years ago and be forgotten, but so many that I’ve read in years of research have so much potential that never got explored. I can do that for a whole lot of characters most fans have never heard of through PULP DOMAIN. This idea takes characters from all sorts of genres that appeared in comics in the Golden Age that have now entered the Public Domain. Now, in the world of PULP DOMAIN, they will return, in every case, where their last appearances left them. Will they change? Sure, some will, because they are alive again in an active universe. They are no longer lost and no longer frozen in time. This project is the most exciting work I’ve done in years and I hope readers of all sorts will enjoy what is to come.”
Empire City is home to Jay Brooks, a one of a kind for hire social worker in 1947. Raised in the most dangerous part of the city, Jay works to better the lives of anyone in need of his services, especially those who can afford him. Working cases somewhere between too unusual for the police and too dangerous for even private eyes, Jay knows Empire City in all its facets, its brightest lights and its darkest shadows.
When the wife of a wealthy Empire citizen comes to Jay to help her sister escape an abusive husband, Brooks finds himself face to face with Empire's biggest criminal, but lines blur quickly as bullets begin to fly. Family matters may prove deadly for Jay Brooks in OPERATION: BLOOD IS THICKER. 
OPERATION: BLOOD IS THICKER is Book One of Eighty, the first short story of eighty to be released over the next year establishing the good and bad guys and all that fall in between for the shared universe of PULP DOMAIN. Concept created and written by Tommy Hancock.
Featuring a stunning cover and digital formatting by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, OPERATION: BLOOD IS THICKER is available on the Kindle for 99 cents at…. Kindle Unlimited Members can read this first entry in PULP DOMAIN for free.
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Real rip roaring adventuers!

Hereis a new collection of "might have happened' tales from history-- in which I have one of my favorites "Jim Bowie and the Bean Stalk" about a real life hero of mine!!!
From Pro Se Productions-- find it on Amazon!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A new Lord Shoutte story....

One of my Altiva/Lord Shoutte stories is up on the

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A powerful new book by a wonderful author--

Shirley Meier’s Shadow of a Soul on Fire is not an easy book to read, but it is a good one and an important one. 
Not that it is not well written; for it is.  The prose are solid, at times touching on the poetic, but it is a story that goes from the horror of a an evil emperor’s existence to his literal cleansing of his soul and the eventual expiation of his guilt and pain.
It is the confronting of that guilt in the beginning of the book that makes it hard to get into, but I can tell you as one who pushed on, it like the pain it lines gets better; much better.
It is ultimately a book about triumphing over evil both internally and externally. It is about love conquering hate and is a book for all who have suffered to reaffirm that they can be healed.
Not that it is not delightful in parts—most notably the arrival of the uplifted, intelligent elephants- called delightfully Rummummalos- and their interactions with the humans ‘strange’ customs.
This is a world so completely created that it is an immersive trip into not only a nightmare, but a dream- for the world the scarred and suffering Emperor Ahmiraz falls into is one we all aspire to end up.
I heartily recommend this book to any one who has suffered or who needs hope that it all gets better. Because it does.
Kudos to Ms. Meier.

Teel James Glenn

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

a holiday anthology for charity-- that is FUN!

Fifteen multi-genre authors came together to celebrate the season and to give to charity. Twenty-three flash fiction stories inspired by Christmas songs we all know and love. Join them as they spin their heartwarming tales. My tale is inspired by "Grandma Got run over by a reindeer.....

Monday, October 22, 2018

Great review of Bloodstone Confidential

Trying to recreate the feel of old pulp adventures, especially introducing a series character, can go one of two ways:1. The writer tries too hard to be clever and infuses the character and series with nods and winks.2. The writer actually hits the marks of the genre and never oversteps the bounds of the books it’s trying to be like.
Teel James Glenn’s THE FIRST SYNN: THE BLOODSTONE CONFIDENTIAL, the first entry in the Gideon Synn series, thankfully falls into category two. T
his feels like it could have easily been on the newsstands next to some of those old Street & Smith series.
Gideon Synn feels like an old pulp archetype, a mixture of Doc Savage and The Spider. That’s not to say the character is aping those two — just that the pulp heroes of that time are definitely an influence. 
The story focuses on Synn and his team as they are called upon by Charity Bloodstone. It seems the women in her family have been cursed, in that at the age of 25, they die, usually killed by a The author really has a feel for the old-school pulps, while also giving us a nice little mystery. 
Not to spoil the story, since it’s a rather short and extremely quick read, but Glenn throws a little surprise at the readers at a great point so it doesn’t come out so cut-and-dry, so to speak, while also providing great character development of Synn and his team.
THE BLOODSTONE CONFIDENTIAL is a nice entry into this ebook series. Hopefully, Glenn can come up with enough clever plots and enemies to throw at Synn for numerous further adventures. —Bruce Grossman