Friday, February 25, 2011

New review of Gaslight Occurrences!!!

Review by TV Sweeny (2/25/11)

It’s the time of Queen Victoria...of SHerlock Holmes...and Septimus Argent. This gentleman is Her Majesty’s loyal servant, and he handles cases along the same lines as his venerated colleague Holmes...but on the other side of the coin...the occult side. Join Argent and his aide-de-camps, Jack Stone, (late Captain of Her majesty’s Royal Horse Guard)as they travel the breadth of the British Isles saving Queen and country from denizens of the Dark Side..
MY OPINION: Steampulp...and another of TJ Glenn’s informative Prologues to explain the genre. These stories are a delight, well-written and definitely in the Holmes-Watson line, though Jack Stone is definitely more athletic and ready for adventure than the Good Doctor. The fates of the villains are so awful and ironic one has to feel pity for those cads, though Greystone’s Descent reads more like a sad fairy tale than a thriller. Several names and characters tun as a thread through the stories, giving them coherence.

Score another hit for Mr. Glenn! They just keep coming.

RATING: 4 Stars
Gaslight Occurrences is available from Whiskey Creek Press.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

A little love for everyone...

I've turned in the final edits on my new collection of strange romances to "Love Gods and Labyrinths". It should be out by March!!! Here's the cover... and yes, that is the author himself on the cover (no--not the guy with the horns!!!)...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the new book covers...

I just turned in the final edits on "Love Gods and Labyrinths" for which will be out a a week or two and had approval on the cover for "Shadows of New York" the relaunch of my Dr. Shadows 1930s adventurer series from Here are the covers folks--I'll keep you posted on the actual release dates...