Monday, October 10, 2011

Another crazy quarter!!!

Its been a while since I posted and in that time I've performed at my 53rd renaissance faire, taught stage combat at two school summer sessions, choreographed As You Like It (which I'm also in) oh, and yeah, written two more books!!!
My newest book out is

*Shakespeared or Wally and the Fairy Queen by Teel James Glenn


"Struggling actor and lifelong nerd Wally Chambers gets his big break when

he is cast as the masked part of Bottom in a production of Midsummer Night's

Dream. His joy is muted when he learns he will only be doing the masked part

because the obnoxious and famous Regis Fillmore doesn't want the bother of

wearing the donkey head make-up!

Wally is shocked to find out that his Titania is the voluptuous Hollywood

sex kitten, Audrey Flax! She is his dream girl so, despite hiding behind the

mask, he immediately signs on.

Regis has run up some debts with loan sharks and collectors start coming

around looking for the famous actor. That's when things get strange. A

stranger, cast in the role of Puck, turns out to be the real forest spirit!

Can Wally overcome his attraction to Audrey in order to keep her friendship?

Will the loan shark's men break parts of him before he can convince them he

is not Regis? And, who is that mysterious woman lurking in Belvedere

Castle?" "