Saturday, December 8, 2018

A new Lord Shoutte story....

One of my Altiva/Lord Shoutte stories is up on the

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A powerful new book by a wonderful author--

Shirley Meier’s Shadow of a Soul on Fire is not an easy book to read, but it is a good one and an important one. 
Not that it is not well written; for it is.  The prose are solid, at times touching on the poetic, but it is a story that goes from the horror of a an evil emperor’s existence to his literal cleansing of his soul and the eventual expiation of his guilt and pain.
It is the confronting of that guilt in the beginning of the book that makes it hard to get into, but I can tell you as one who pushed on, it like the pain it lines gets better; much better.
It is ultimately a book about triumphing over evil both internally and externally. It is about love conquering hate and is a book for all who have suffered to reaffirm that they can be healed.
Not that it is not delightful in parts—most notably the arrival of the uplifted, intelligent elephants- called delightfully Rummummalos- and their interactions with the humans ‘strange’ customs.
This is a world so completely created that it is an immersive trip into not only a nightmare, but a dream- for the world the scarred and suffering Emperor Ahmiraz falls into is one we all aspire to end up.
I heartily recommend this book to any one who has suffered or who needs hope that it all gets better. Because it does.
Kudos to Ms. Meier.

Teel James Glenn

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

a holiday anthology for charity-- that is FUN!

Fifteen multi-genre authors came together to celebrate the season and to give to charity. Twenty-three flash fiction stories inspired by Christmas songs we all know and love. Join them as they spin their heartwarming tales. My tale is inspired by "Grandma Got run over by a reindeer.....

Monday, October 22, 2018

Great review of Bloodstone Confidential

Trying to recreate the feel of old pulp adventures, especially introducing a series character, can go one of two ways:1. The writer tries too hard to be clever and infuses the character and series with nods and winks.2. The writer actually hits the marks of the genre and never oversteps the bounds of the books it’s trying to be like.
Teel James Glenn’s THE FIRST SYNN: THE BLOODSTONE CONFIDENTIAL, the first entry in the Gideon Synn series, thankfully falls into category two. T
his feels like it could have easily been on the newsstands next to some of those old Street & Smith series.
Gideon Synn feels like an old pulp archetype, a mixture of Doc Savage and The Spider. That’s not to say the character is aping those two — just that the pulp heroes of that time are definitely an influence. 
The story focuses on Synn and his team as they are called upon by Charity Bloodstone. It seems the women in her family have been cursed, in that at the age of 25, they die, usually killed by a The author really has a feel for the old-school pulps, while also giving us a nice little mystery. 
Not to spoil the story, since it’s a rather short and extremely quick read, but Glenn throws a little surprise at the readers at a great point so it doesn’t come out so cut-and-dry, so to speak, while also providing great character development of Synn and his team.
THE BLOODSTONE CONFIDENTIAL is a nice entry into this ebook series. Hopefully, Glenn can come up with enough clever plots and enemies to throw at Synn for numerous further adventures. —Bruce Grossman

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My newest adventure book is here!

People are dying, murdered by the mysterious Reaper and only Darian Poe, the legendary Gunmaster can find out who and why!
When members of a tontine of weapons manufacturers fall one by one before the deadly Reaper it is up to the Gunmaster- from his base in Hong Kong and under the guidance of ancient masters of the Bonpo religion- to carry out his sacred trust, find the culprit and bring him to justice.
With the help of the sexy and spectacular Majesty Blayde- hottest freelance adventuress to ever shoot a jive turkey- The Gunmaster fights modern day buccaneers to save the world from both a horrible new and mythological ancient weapon too terrible to be imagined.
The bloody battle rages from a hidden sanitarium in the mountains of upstate New York to Hong Kong and ends at an ancient temple in the jungles of Cambodia. It is a journey that will test The Gunmaster like no opponent has ever tested any Gunmaster for many generations and the fate of the world at stake!
Written with all the punch and raunch of a 1980s men’s adventure novel Fear the Reaper continues the generational adventures of The Gunmaster- legendary figure who fights the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the world- from Pulpspotations “Praey for the Raven!” with nonstop action and thrills!

Monday, August 6, 2018

had an incredible time at the book launch for  The New York State of Fright: horror stories from the Empire State (in which I have a short story)- from Himmocampus Press.

A New York State of Fright: Horror Stories from the Empire State

  • Edited by James Chambers, April Grey, and Robert Masterson

Enter the shadows of New York’s dark secrets and haunted past!

From a city and state that have witnessed all manner of menace—from serial killers and corrupt political machines to natural disasters and terrorist attacks—come twenty-four visions of dread from New York horror authors—all to benefit the next generation of New York writers. Presenting stories set in New York locations, A NEW YORK STATE OF FRIGHT gathers tales by new and established writers who give voice to New York’s everyday fears, macabre mysteries, and worst nightmares.

To help New York’s rich literary tradition endure into the future, the authors, editors, and publisher of A NEW YORK STATE OF FRIGHT pledge to contribute all proceeds to New York City’s Girls Write Now non-profit organization, which pairs at-risk teen women interested in writing with professional writing and career mentors. Find out more at
Introduction ............. James Chambers
Heels .............  Alp Beck
East Side Devil ............. John C. Foster
Loathsome in New York ............. Monica O’Rourke
The Chosen Place ............. Patrick Freivald
The Hunting of the Kipsy: A Cryptozoological Report ............. Hal Johnson
A Few Leaves from the Travelogue of Doctor Julius Jonsson,  Cryptobotanist and Hylesoprotolist: Bay Ridge, or,  The Belief in the Undead Still Exists in New York ............. Erik T. Johnson
A Nightmare on 34th Street ............. Steven Van Patten
Hurricane Zelda, Part IV ............. Kathleen Scheiner
Shoal ............. Trevor Firetog
The Insects of Seneca Village ............. Jeff C. Stevenson
The Grim ............. Allan Burd
In A Pig’s Eye ............. Teel James Glenn
Welcome To Brooklyn, Gabe ............. Marc Abbott
Machine Gun/Latté ............. Amy Grech 
The Spouting Devil ............. Meghan Arcuri 
Rescue Shelter ............. David Sakmyster 
Blood Will Tell ............. JG Faherty
The Lady in the Sideshow: A Circuspunk Story ............. Charie D. La Marr 
Pink Elephants: A Murphy's Lore Tale ............. Patrick Thomas 
Everybody Wins ............. Lisa Mannetti 
Edna’s Soul Kitchen ............. Elizabeth Crowens 
Eyes Left ............. Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee
Tales of the White Street Society: The Hairy Ghost ............. Grady Hendrix
The Long Lost and Forgotten ............. J. Daniel Stone

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Something wonderfully hideous

Eleven stories and one chilling poem, inspired by classic tales of terror and suspense.

Can Tesla’s invention animate the creature in the Wild West in time to save the girl?

What destroyed the cyber-greenhouses—was it the meteor from out of space?

How will the radiation affect her—and will love survive the transformation? 

Hideous Progeny: Classic Horror Goes Punk is the fifth charity anthology from Writerpunk Press, with steampunk, cyberpunk, carniepunk, clockpunk, atompunk, and biopunk stories inspired by tales such as Dracula, Carmilla, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Frankenstein (twice!). Other inspirations include Gaston LeRoux, Ambrose Bierce, Oscar Wilde, Franz Kafka, Lord Tennyson, and H. P. Lovecraft.

Profits are to be donated to PAWS Lynnwood, an animal shelter and wildlife rescue located in the Pacific Northwest.

Authors: Carol Gyzander, Jeffrey Cook, Katherine Perkins, Bryce Raffle, William J. Jackson, Mike Chinakos, Leo McBride, Teel James Glenn, Lee French, Rachel Brune, Anthony Stark, Jeanne M. White, K.M. Vanderbilt

Go to Amazon and get this great book....

A great book for writes- pulp and otherwise...

Pulp Era Writing Tips by Bryce Beattie
A review by Teel James Glenn

Pulp magazines were the popular entertainment for the American masses from the 1920s to the mid 1950s- the precursers to the paperback explosion of the 50s and 60s. In fact many of the pulp writers with new work –and reprints of their pulp work—supplied the material for paperbacks.
The pulp writers were pure and solid commercial wordsmiths some with massive word counts and incredibly wide ranges of stories from horror to detective to ranch romances and straight up adventure.
Bryce Beattie has done an amazing service to writers by scouring writers’ journals, yearbooks and other professional magazines for articles written by these workhorse wordslingers for other potential writers.
The range of subjects covered in this book- from how to write fight scenes to how to revise a novel, how to write detective mysteries and several examples of fiction formulas that allowed these writers of old to turn out solid, salable work on a day to day basis- is amazing.
And the writers who share their secrets were not just also rans, many were stalwarts of the era like Robert J. Hogan(the man who created and wrote all the G-8 air war stories), William Benton Johnston (who wrote many westerns), Lee Floren(who wrote hundreds of western tales under dozens of pseudonyms), Nelson S. Bond (who wrote hundreds of pulp tales then went on to write for tv and film), Marjorie Holmes (over 134 books- 32 of which hit the bestseller list), Carol Kendall(who wrote a dozen best selling YA books),  Lurton Blassingame (writer/editor and eventually agent to Frank Herbert and Robert A. Heinlein) and others.
While some of the advice is more a time capsule to the period and its attitudes than others, most of the information is universal not only to the creation of  ‘pulp style’ stories but also all solidly created fiction.

Mr. Beattie has given a great gift to all writers, beginning and advanced by collecting all this information in one place. I highly recommend it to anyone, writer or reader who loves a good story!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

The newest book from the Horror Writer's Association!

A New York Horror anthology from Hippocampus Press to Benefit Mentoring Group, Girls Write Now
Hippocampus Press, editors James Chambers, April Grey, and Robert Masterson, and twenty-five authors are thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of an anthology of New York horror stories to raise funds for the non-profit writing organization, Girls Write Now.
A New York State of Fright: Horror Stories from the Empire State
presents twenty-four tales of darkness and fear by New York authors and set in New York City and state. This collection of original and reprinted stories showcases many unique voices in dark fiction and settings from the fashion world of Midtown Manhattan to the sinister history of upstate New York. Readers will encounter the loneliness of a living on the street; the fearsome quirks of the upstate wilds; a city punished by nature; unpleasant histories buried beneath modern parks and buildings; lost moments from a famous boardwalk; a New York City where the walking dead are just another fact of life; razor sharp satire of the gap between rich and poor; forgotten relics of the old city warehoused in Brooklyn, and much, much more.
The authors, editors, and publishers will donate all proceeds from the sales of A New York State of Fright to Girls Write Now, a New York organization that mentors underserved young women to help them find their voices through the power of writing and community. For 20 years, Girls Write Now has matched teen girls with women professional writers and media makers as their personal mentors. Their mentees, more than 90 percent girls of color and 90 percent high need, publish in outlets such as The New York Times, Newsweek, and BuzzFeed; perform at Lincoln Center and the United Nations; and earn hundreds of scholastic art & writing awards. One hundred percent of Girls Write Now seniors go on to college. Girls Write Now has been distinguished three times by the White House as one of the nation's top youth programs and twice by the Nonprofit Excellence Awards as one of New York’s top ten nonprofits.
Award-winning and new authors include: Marc Abbott, Meghan Arcuri, Alp Beck, Allan Burd, Elizabeth Crowens, John C. Foster, J.G. Faherty, Trevor Firetog, Patrick Frievald, Teel James Glenn, Amy Grech, Grady Hendrix, Erik T. Johnson. Hal Johnson, Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee, Charie D. LaMarr, Lisa Mannetti, Monica O’Rourke, Patrick Thomas, David Sakmyster, Kathleen Scheiner, Jeff C. Stevenson, J. Daniel Stone, and Steven Van Patten.
Contacts: James Chambers (, Derrick Hussey (, or Molly MacDermot (
For more information:
  •   Girls Write Now (, Twitter: @girlswritenow, Facebook: @girlswritenow, Instagram: @girlswritenow
  •   Hippocampus Press (, Facebook: @Hippocampus.Press
  •   Horror Writers Association—New York Chapter (, Twitter:
    @HWA_NYS; Facebook: @horrorwritersnewyork 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Always a thrill

When you hold copies of your books fir the first time never gets old...
Thanks to Alex S.  Johnson  for making this one happen...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A heroic anthology!

I am honored to have a story and some poems (and illustrations) in this fantastic collection of classic Sword and Sorcery tales....

Thursday, March 8, 2018

a five star review for A Year of Shadows!

Pulp Fandom Legend Tom Johnson liked the action in A Year of Shadows-- read his review on his blog:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Games Afoot!

I have a Dr. Argent short story in this issue- "The Occurrence of the Marionette!"

Monday, March 5, 2018

my newest pulp adventure!

A Year of Shadows is a pulse pounding collection of five tales featuring the grant man- Dr. Shadows in tales that span from Hong Kong to Upstate New York to the Caribbean Island of Martinidad!!