Monday, December 1, 2014

Barbarians unite!!!

I've got two brand new Altiva stories in this anthology due out any day-
A fabulous collection of authors that I am incredibly honored to among- many of them my idols!

Here is a promotional poster done as an illustration for my story "An Umbrian's Oath," with a great new character Ada of Umbria!!

Another book for 2014!!!

Hi guys, been busy, as you can see- with this newest release.

The Journey of One by Teel James Glenn

The secret war for the control of mankind’s destiny has begun.

An alien race, the Kentorra- have been ‘guiding human affairs for generations and have taken a child from each of the major races of the Earth called the Monitors who are raised to be the ‘guardians and guides’ of mankind.

A child at the Blackridge Sioux Reservation in the Dakotas is stolen in the night by a strange gnome-like creature and grow to be Monitor Number One...

Phillip Simon, kills a love rival in a match and is condemned to death only to be saved by that same gnome-like apparition and offered a devil’s bargain. Simon is fused with an alien creature called Dakk to become the creature called the Symborg.

David Gilbert, a New York street thug with an unusual ‘gift’ is rescued from a psychiatric institution by a secret government group. He is given the rank of captain and takes the name Satan since the world had told him to go to Hades.

All these threads of reality collide in New York where all the characters meet and Monitor One is forced to make a choice between his heritage and the hopes for the world! The Journey of One is a contemporary science fiction adventure, the spiritual journey of Monitor One to self-determination.