Monday, October 15, 2012

New Book- really out of this world!!!

Its been a crazy month, folks,

I have a story in the new volume from Pulp Empire: Pirates and Swashbucklers 2 (The story is "What Would Synbad Do?")
and my lastest (and I think- greatest collection) Adventures in Otherwhen is out from!!
To quote the first review:
    According to some theories of quantum physics, the real universe doesn't make choices, it takes every path. Somewhere out there, there's a you who chose another spouse, who became a serial killer or a rock star. Somewhere, there's a version of the universe where dinosaurs still rule, and another where your parents hated each other on first sight and never connected. Somewhere, Adolf Hitler had a change of heart in prison and somewhere there are cops who work to keep the branes of reality from conflicting, prevent one version of you from murdering another and taking his place.
    Author Teel James Glenn (see more reviews of speculative fiction by Glenn) approaches the alternate universe theory from the standpoint of the pulp fiction author. His version of a time cop rides Slepnir, Odin's 8-legged horse and is stuck with a Chimp as a sidekick at a magic convention. Adolf Hitler turned from politics to become an adventure writer and heads to Egypt with Robert E. Howard (who somehow left Cross Plains, Texas). Add in a Skullmask story, a story featuring the intrepid newspaper reporter Moxie of Maxi and Moxie fame, a steampunk story of transformation, warbots and romance, and a medieval tale of magic and betrayal and you have a fun collection of pulp adventure set in a universe of maybes and what-ifs.

    I hope you'll  check them both out....