Monday, December 27, 2010

Two New Books!

The holiday season has been good to me!!!
Here are the covers to my two newest books due out in 2011:
The Wake of the Red Mistress from Eternal Press (Cover by Dawne) and Love Gods and Labyrinths from Gypsy Shadow Publishing (Cover by me).

2011 is gonna be big!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

catching up on the year!

Wow, I realized I’ve been so busy with year I haven’t updated in quite a while, so here it is:

First off I’ve been teaching sword, doing films (The Brain Hunter) and making appearances as renaissance festivals telling stories, but I’ve also been writing my butt of with 5 novels waiting for brick and mortar publishing in the future.

My fantasy tales “Hairy Khetar & the Philosophers’ Stones,”(The lead characters of which are pictured to the left) and “Swifthoof and The Rider,” were picked up by Prose Productions.

I’ve place two stories in the same universe at Steampunk Tales:
The Secret of Mabuse Island” which will run in issues 10 and 11 and “Sci-magickal.”

My Battle of the Bulge tale "Toy Box Warrior" was published in WWII Combat magazine.

My novel “A Pilgrim in God’s Valley” will new serialized in Six Gun Western Magazine in early 2011.

I placed three stories with Fantasy World Geographic Magazine:
“Lepreconned”, “Toybox Warrior,” and “Jester’s Touch”

I placed two stories with Pandoras Imagination:
“Debunked” and “Angel of Illusion”

My Dr. Shadows short story “Grave Mistake” was published in Pulp Empire Volume #2.

I’ve place two short stories: Blood Debt: a Dr. Shadows adventure and “The Black Mirror”: a Skullmask fantasy to Pulp Empire for volume 4 and 5 respectively.

My story “Return of the Death’s head, a Skullmask Adventure is going to appear in the February issue of Pulp Spirit magazine.

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just signed the contract for a pirate fantasy novelette “The Wake of the Red Mistress” with Eternal Press! It is the story of a swashbuckling love triangle between a pirate queen a monk and a sister of Yulina on the same world as my other Eternal Press book The Traveler’s Tale. It’s scheduled for mid-year next year.
A great week and a fab xmas present for me from EP!