Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two new pulp books

I am very pleased to be among some excellent writers in two new/old pulp volumes from two different publisher. And, to top it off, a New Pulp legend like Tom Johnson of Echoes fame liked my work in them. Here’s what he had to say:
Reviewed y Tom Johnson:
 From : New Adventures of The Eagle (from Pulp Obscura)
“The Coming Storm” by Teel James Glenn.  In the U.S., the Brown Shirts have kidnapped a scientist and holding him in nearby Camp Nordland in Sussec County, New Jersey. The FBI has sent in agents, but they were lost, feared murdered by the Bund. They request from G-2 America’s greatest spy, The Eagle.  Jeff Shannon had once been an amateur magician, and the Bund is seeking entertainers, which the FBI feels will be a way to get The Eagle in their camp.

This was a gem of a story. It had a real plot, real characterization, and good dialogue.  The story is set in September 1938, and the hurricane of September 21st, known as the Long Island Express, plays a part in the final scene. Jeff is assisted by an ex boxer named “Lefty” Kovaks (wonder why there’s never a “Righty?), who felt he owes his life to the super spy. This is a great read by a writer who knows pulp fiction.

From Modern Pulp Heroes (From Metahuman Press)
Toybox Warrior by Teel James Glenn is an interesting tale, to say the least. A boy genius is being used by the military to create new strategies for war, but he needs a tutor to assist him in the “games”. Retired Marine Major Deacon Furie applies for the job, and then learns the real story behind the boy’s power. Well written, exciting, entertaining, and top notch.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Sales and a guest shot...

Been a busy month, visiting my intended in Montreal and sending out completed novels to several publishers. Had another story taken by Tales of Old, a great website and had my website renewed/rebuilt by my friend Robert....
And Macbeth will be back; I've been asked to remount a streamlined version of the classic play at the Cloisters Renaissance Festival on Sept 30.  I will also be story telling there, so come on by and say hi!