Friday, July 8, 2011

more books, more reviews- no sleep!!!

It's been months again since I posted-mostly due to my mad schedule: I'm teaching sword, comic illustration and stage combat at Different Directions, the NY film Academy and the Pied Piper theatre--and still making my 2K word count each day!
I have a new website on the way soon, so keep watching...
Now--I've had two books out in the last two months- Shadows of New York book one in the new series about my 1930s adventurer Dr. Shadows. Mystery, adventure and fast paced pulp style action!!! This one is out from and is set in the same pulpverse as Deadline Zombies and the Skullmask stories.

And from is "Wake of the Red Mistress" a fantastical pirate tale with romance and shapeshifting! Its already been reviewed and here is an excerpt from that review:

Wake of the Red Mistress by TJ Glenn


Sister Shinara is caring for her group of novitiates when their ship the Courage is attacked and boarded by the crew of the pirate ship Red Mistress. With part of the Courage’s crew killed, Shinara realizes the chances of her little band coming through the experience unharmed isn’t very good, so she makes a bargain with the pirate’s female leader, Aurzia: spare them and she’ll take her to more treasure than she’s ever seen—the treasure of the Ardula Monastery.

…: A little different from Mr. Glenn’s usual offering in that this one features a bit of graphic sex and a lesbian villainess, Wake of the Red Mistress is nevertheless still full of the usual excitement and adventure we expect from one of his tales, There’s magic and shape-shifting and some twists..but the tale’s as filled with derring-do as most of his stories, and there’s a truly ironic reward awaiting the would-be pillagers of the Monastery. Indeed, the blurb from the book cover—a fantasy tale of thwarted love and piratical lust, blood, and treasure—says it all.

Read Wake of the Red Mistress, and sail into the sunset with this adventure.


4 out of 5 stars!!!

So there you all have it--madness is the normal!! I edit my new book "Shakespeared: or Wally and the Fairie Queen" this weekend, have an online chat and then start on the edits any day for my western "Silence in God's Valley" and my fantasy "Queen Morgana and the Renfaries" both for Whiskey Creek Press...I'll sleep when I'm...well- you know...