Friday, November 16, 2012


Okay, true believers-  a correction on Toni's blog site, so go to HERE:  for much literary goodness!!!!

new book out and an awesome author friend

Hi gang (or at least the 12 who stop by:).)- some news--

First up I'd love for you to stop my my friend Toni's website and check out her blog- always something interesting to read and she has some new books out

And Songs of A Warrior Priest is out today from
a collection of sword and fantasy tales that have echoes of old pulps and new fantasy...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I haven’t posted to this blog for a bit because I’ve been just a bit busy:
In October I had a story in Metahuman Press “Pirates & Swashbucklers Volume 2”,  a new collection of plup alternate world tales in “Adventures in Otherwhen” from Books for a Buck, in November I have “Songs of a Warrior Priest “ coming out from Whiskey Creek Press,  “Murder Most Faire from Post Mortem Press in December, And “The Bloodstone Confidential” from Pro Se Press in January.
And a couple of sales to Archeon Press - two Pulp novellas which will be out in January. Not to forget a story of mine will be in issue 361 of Weird Tales.
Other than that I’ve choreographed fights for a couple of stage shows, wrote and acted in a radio serial and have done stunts for a couple of films. Just a relaxed fall….