Sunday, June 21, 2009

A new review for The Vision Quest Factor


I am pleased to announce that the Book Wenches at have given my novel The Vision Quest Factor a Rating of 4.5 out of 5!

They said in part “I found myself caught up in this story about the otherworldly race known as the Mensora and their plans for Earth. This novel is well-written and interesting. The imagery is vivid enough to bring the story to life, and the characters are well developed, unique, and intriguing.

The action is very realistic and clearly depicted and is almost cinematic in quality. There is a very real sense of danger involved that draws the reader right into the middle of each scene.

…it definitely leaves the reader hungry for more.”

Reviewed by: BD Whitney

To read the whole review  go to

Its a great site so stop by anyway...

Friday, June 19, 2009

A busy time


May and June-so far- have been busy. Very busy.

I did my 49th ren faire, performing at the Shakespeare Summer Revels in Piermont New York telling stories. Solo this time but Aislin and I are scheduled to do the Cloisters Medieval Faire in October.

I have also been writing: The Hunt Club Occurrence, Even Hollywood Zombies Need Agents, Lord Wicked, John Bull and the Fairy Ring, The Eye of Darkness and Greystone’s Descent. All novella’s and all in one of my series: Doctor Argent, Dr. Shadows or Moxie Donovan.

I am on the next story now...

I also had to do the final edits on A Hex of Shadows the first collection of Dr. Shadows stories-mystery adventures set in the year 1937.

I also was able to approve the cover beside this for my first romance sale

The Horsed Thief: a virtual tale of old Basra from Eternal Press due out soon.

In the virtual world of 9th Century Basra a thief, in an attempt to woo a princess is spelled with a curse while in the real world of today a computer designer woos a colleague. Who is who and what will happen to them when the safety protocols on the Virtual Immersion Unit are removed: if you die in the dream, you die!

Look for it out soon....

Don't mind he cover it was a miscue between me and the artist-there is no blonde Arabian woman in the story--at least not in the virtual world--but it does have symbolic read it and enjoy!