Monday, October 31, 2016

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Author Teel James Glenn explores the voodoo smoke and jazz sounds of New Orleans in The Second Synn: Bayou Sinistre A Gideon Synn Mystery, now available as a high quality audio book produced by Radio Archives.
A killer stalks the streets of 1938 New Orleans! Gideon Synn is in the Big Easy when an old friend is found murdered at the Duelling Oaks - run through by an antique sword. It is up to the Scarred Swashbuckler to find his way through a web of mystery and deceit to avenge his friend’s death.
Yet questions haunt Synn as he winds his way through the city of strange wonders. Who is the mysterious woman from the cafe who seems to have invaded his dreams? Why do the paintings on the walls seem to tell the future? Will a trip to the backwoods of Bayou Sinistre and a meeting with Papa Ghoulle spell death for Gideon?
Featuring a stirring cover by Larry Nadolsky and a thriliing performance by Mark Woods, THE SECOND SYNN: BAYOU SINISTRE is available now at Amazon at…/…/ref=sr_1_1…
This chilling mystery audio book is also available on Audible and Itunes.
THE SECOND SYNN: BAYOU SINISTRE is available at Amazon and
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

My debut in the Sandra West Series... Enjoy!!!

A little weird west and an Asia minor battle...

So this last week was madness again- working on Much Ado About Nothing fights and then battles for the film pilot Tamberlaine the Great"-based on Marlowe's play.
In both projects I had amazing fighters - in MAAN I had teenage students I'd trained myself and for TTG I had the cream of the crop from the east coast stage combat world- who were able to execute the complex battle scenes on often -literally- a moments notice. Can't wait to see the footage.
Her are some shots from TTG:

And as an added bonus my school chum from college- Russell Rainbolt was able to stop by and say hi--
And in the same week my story "The Legend of Wyatt Ape" came out in this weird western collection- so the writing career goes on even when I'm not writing!