Monday, September 28, 2009

The news is good

I had a great time at the NY Anime Con this weekend and came home to some great news: my Altiva Fantasy Novel has been reviewed with three and a half stars out of five at

It says in part:

“Death At Dragonthroat is just a hoot! If the quotes at the beginning of each chapter weren't enough, (example: “Everything looks good in a heap by the bed.”—Wolff’s first law of fashion), TK seems to open his mouth at every inopportune moment; causing problems for one and all. His excellent combat skills are very well written and, overall, I would really like to read more about Mr. TK Mitchell. This could be the beginning of an excellent series!”


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the hits keep coming!

My month continues to go well; I've sold a poem to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, found out my book Weird Tales of the Skullmask will be coming out from Books for a Buck in October instead of early next year as I had thought and I achieved  long time goal of contracting for a full book of my poetry with Gypsy Shadow Publishing!!!
Hymns to the Battlecrow will feature over forty of my poems and a number of interior illustrations! Here is a possible cover. Stay tuned for more details as time goes on!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

a Busy Month!

I've been hard at work this month--two feature films as a thug (I was killed in both),  pirate party as  a swashbuckling buccaneer and lots of writing. There is also a short article on me and my Renissance faire murder mystery novel "Knight Errant: Death and Life at the Faire" in the Austin Examiner. Check it out and get my numbers up on the visits! They get a few facts wrong but they spelled my name right so I'm happy...
Most importantly of all I gotten stories placed with Pagan Imagination magazine (two), (two) and a completed a collection  of stories of adventure and magic called "OF Swords and Sorcery." Over here is a cover I also designed. 
There will be more frequent updates as I have books coming out almost monthly for the rest of the year!!!