Sunday, January 24, 2016

A great collection pulp stories for a great person!!!

In 2015 a great guy had a bad break, Tommy Hancock, publisher of Pro Se Productions was diagnosed with some health issues. Serious issues.
The pulp community, like a masked hero of old, lead by Ron Fortier of Airship 27, sprang into action and put together an anthology of stories to help Tommy and his family with expenses.
The book Legends of New Pulp is the result.
I was honored to be asked to contribute. My story "The Occurrence of the Moon Over Cairo," a tale of intrigue in the middle east staring Horatio Venture, was my contribution.
But it may be the least of the best, folks--some amazing stories by everyone who is anyone in the new pulp movement.
Go to Amazon and buy a copy, I guarantee you will find dozens of great reads for the long winter nights!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A hell of a year--so far!!!

Hey there, pulpsters!!

I haven't kept up with the blog because of technical difficulties--but all that behind me now (thanks to a certain Robert-)
So the report to date:

My last book to come out was Three Deadly Shadows- a pulp first-as far as I know- a book about the son of a pulp hero legend- Dr. Shadow's son Jon Shadows is involved in three separate cases, all in contemporary settings- that test him and his legacy of heroics to the limit.

And last year I missed being able to post about Barbarian Crowns and the Devil's Armory, two collections that have stories of mine in them.
More news to come--I've made some sales so far this year, but will wait to post till release dates are confirmed....