Friday, March 6, 2009

Knight Errant reviews!

I've been lucky enough with my very personal mystery novel Knight Errant: Death and life at the Faire to get good critical response, the most recent of which is in Renaissance Magazine issue #66 :
Knight Errant:
Death and Life ant the Faire

BY Teel James Glenn
Epress-Online (06)

The hero’s carefree life of beer, pizza, knocking the heads of punk robbers, and renaissance faire combat is shattered when his best friend tom is mysteriously killed. This action packed novel will keep the fan of hard-boiled renfaire mysteries on the hedge of his seat.

And this online review from some time ago:

Knight Errant_:Death and life at the Faire
Teel James Glenn_
Epress-online.com_ISBN: 0-9772224-5-4_, _Reviewed by Shannon Frost ___
When Eric Knight’s best friend, Tom, is murdered, he knows neither himself nor all the people who loved Tom will be able to find peace until they discover who was behind the crime. Together with his friends, Eric begins a quest for truth that takes him from the modern streets of New York to the living past of a Renaissance Faire. With each step he takes, the killer is close behind him, and the only way for Eric to find justice may be to fall back on the laws of long ago.

Written in the first person, the voice of Eric has an easy flow with a snappy wit that makes it feel as though the reader is sitting with him while he spins his tale. Based partially on fact, at the end of the novel is a postscript written by the actual wife of Tom about love and loss that touches deep to the heart. With its bright characters and interesting plot, Knight Errant does a fine job of delving into the fascinating sub-culture that surrounds Renaissance Faires.

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