Monday, December 28, 2009

Five Star Review!

Review of Secret of Wolf Island from Gypsy Shadow Publishing  has been reviewed at

RATING: Five Stars out of FiveReview by PermaFrost

Jonathon Shadows is a private investigator who specializes in undercover assignments. He learns his friend and former Marine Corps colleague Danni Shaw is dead in a mysterious accident on the island of the video game mogul Barret K. Wolf.

BOOK REVIEW(excerpt):
. …Former Marine Danni dies during a video game reenactment, and questions arise as to the actual cause of her death, and whether it is related to her sexual orientation…

"Secret of Wolf Island" is a fast-paced mystery in which the author skillfully escalates the suspense while simultaneously building character delineation. An exciting opening weaves seamlessly into the unraveling of the story tapestry, keeping the reader's attention and eliciting interest in the characters' progress. Clearly the author has done historical research and is also knowledgeable about computer programming and video game design, as these details lend credibility to the novel's backdrop.

…this is a fascinating novel and well worth the reading for its plotting, action-filled pace, characterizations, and seamless interweaving of Renaissance, medieval, and contemporary science.

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