Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Sales!!

I am delighted and a bit stunned to announce that two new books of mine have gone to contract. With two different publishers!!

The Travelers Tale is a fantasy-romance will be coming out from Eternal Press in July.

Deadline Zombies: the adventures of Maxi and Moxie are a collection of 1930’s set tales of a reporter and his gal as they encounter shapeshifters, zombies, fairies and mad magicians in new York and Hollywood. All written in a snappy, first person narration. This one is coming out from BooksforABuck in March or April!!

For those keeping score that’s book 24 and 25 officially!!!

No time to take a breath though—gotta make my word count for the day!!!

And let's not forget that Silverblade Quarterly will be publishing my adventure fantasy novella :The Horse Market at El Borak!

Exhausted Teel!

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