Tuesday, March 16, 2010

lots of news!


Hi there, I’m inviting you to my ongoing fiction blog stories at thewordcave.wordpress.com. The third installment is up.



Join Time cop Lucifer Lawless (yes- nick named Lucy) and his talking Chimpanzee sidekick as they perform a magic act at the stage magician’s convention while they look for the mysterious Philosophers’ Stone which can destroy all the reality in the multi-verse! An if you are looking for weird suspects that a heck of a place to look!!

In this chapter he tangles with some strange burglars and finds-love?

Read it at thewordcave.wordpress.com.


Stop by and read and leave a comment….


And don’t forget to visit Silverblade Quarterly and read a rousing tale of Barbary Cost pirates and foul magic I’ve sold called “The Horse Market at El Borak”.

At: http://serials.silverblade.net/?p=76



In addition I’ve been remiss in posting of late but I’ve been busy working on revising a number of books and doing the edits for The Travelers Tale a fantasy romance for Eternal Press scheduled for June release.

I’ve also been preparing for my appearance at the 2010 Lunacon in Ryebrook New York this weekend.

I hope some of you can make it up- I’ll be ona number of panels including  presenting one on my book “Them’s Fightin’ Words” how to write fight scenes for writers!


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