Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A busy couple of months!!!

Its been a crazy busy summer- teaching combat for the New York Film Academy  and writing at a full clip- Now  I have two new collections coming out:
The Devil Wore Greasepaint from Whiskey Creek Press is a collection of horror/fantasy stories that come at the intersection of the Deals with the Devil and the world of theatre/film. And yes, my thirty years in the business of making movies and plays informed the stories...
The other book is Of Swords and Sorcery a collection of swashbuckling adventures (with a little romance) and even a touch of horror! It is out from Gypsyshadow.com.
And don't forget Deadline Zombies: the adventures of Maxi and Moxie out from booksforabuck.com. It is a great/fun collection I'm very proud of.
I also have a Dr. Shadows story in Pulp Empire volume#2, a western in Six Gun Western and a WWII story in WWII Combat magazine!!!
Been busy indeed!!!


  1. TJ! You were my fight choreographer years ago, and I am so happy to see how prolific you've been with your writting. As a first time reader (I'm embarassed to say), what to you suggest I start with?

  2. Hi Lilly, sorry I missed this comment so many months ago--I'd say start with Death at Dragonthroat or Deadline Zombies--they are the most fun...