Friday, January 13, 2012

Another great review!

Title: Shakespeared, or Wally & the Fairy Queen
Author: Teel James Glenn
Publisher: Eternal Press
Rating: 4.25

Reviewed by: Bobby (of Bookwenches)

Teel James Glenn’s Shakespeared is a fast-paced and humorous short novella that embodies the phrase “the magic of Shakespeare.” Blending fairy tale magic and the world of stage acting, it contains humor, love, danger, a jealous husband, a stubborn donkey costume, and a character who speaks almost unintelligible verse. I found it to be a very quick read and a lot of fun, and it quite tickled the little Shakespeare nerd inside me.

Whenever I read a work by this author, I look forward to the action scenes, because Mr. Glenn choreographs these sequences so expertly that it transports the reader straight into the middle of the fray. Shakespeared is no exception. Mr. Glenn also displays a comfortable familiarity with the world of live theatre. He writes about the world the stage – from struggling actors to big-name celebrities to production staff – with a realism that could only spring from experience.

Folks looking for something just a little bit different should consider adding this book to their reading list.

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