Sunday, October 2, 2016

A little weird west and an Asia minor battle...

So this last week was madness again- working on Much Ado About Nothing fights and then battles for the film pilot Tamberlaine the Great"-based on Marlowe's play.
In both projects I had amazing fighters - in MAAN I had teenage students I'd trained myself and for TTG I had the cream of the crop from the east coast stage combat world- who were able to execute the complex battle scenes on often -literally- a moments notice. Can't wait to see the footage.
Her are some shots from TTG:

And as an added bonus my school chum from college- Russell Rainbolt was able to stop by and say hi--
And in the same week my story "The Legend of Wyatt Ape" came out in this weird western collection- so the writing career goes on even when I'm not writing!

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