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Is it our future to take a step back to tribal times?

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Is it our future to take a step back to tribal times?

“Across the Wasteland” travels with us to a part of our world turned into a wasteland due to a massive hole in the ozone layer that we caused. This area “the zone” is a virtual dead man’s land. Nothing electrical works within its ozone free boundaries. The solar radiation can and does kill. Even Lastshot and Skorpion well this areas weakening powers.

However, as renegade Exceptional, Rokk, knows, life is always hidden in Mother Earth. Rokk is “a full blood Seneca, a citizen of the Original Nation Confederacy”  as well as an Exceptional. Mr. Glenn introduces an interesting future for North American and her Native Peoples...

The base story of “Across the Wasteland” is the survival of Lastshot and Skorpion as they strive to deliver Rokk to the proper authorities while keeping the civilians, whose plane was commandeered for Rokk’s transportation, alive. Within the Wastelands, our group encounters the locals , who were forced to band together into warring tribes, packs of radioactively mutant wolves, and their own internal battles.

I like Lastshot here more than in Book 1 of the Exceptionals. Here he is faced with someone, Rokk, who is very much like Lastshot but has crossed the very narrow line dividing the legal from the illegal. How Lastshot accepts or doesn’t accept Rokk made for a deeper reading of what is an adventure series.

This time around Mr. Glenn has produced one storyline and has run with it to my satisfaction. So, what is so great about it being to my satisfaction? I’m no longer going to read book three because I’m curious or because I’ve accepted the review request. I’m reading book three because I want to revisit this series.

Well done, Mr. Glenn.

Three out of four elephants.

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