Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On the Good Ship Caligula: not a Disney story

The third installment of the Exceptionals' Saga will be published this month from Whiskey Creek Press and it explores more of the personal lives and world conditions of our heroes in this near future thriller series.
With a great cover by Jinger Heaton this one is all set to eclipse the best seller status of the two previous books.

When the Exceptionals uncover a deadly gladiatorial combat that has been televised worldwide they make an even more horrifying discovery: one of there own, the techninja Temper is a participant and fighting for her life.
Conner Le-Shott is convicted of murder and then escapes jail only to find himself embroiled in the deadly games. He meets the young girl Jester who badly needs his help and finds his interest in her is more than professional.
Can the Bodyguard discover where the games are and stop the mad man Caligula’s plans for world nuclear destruction before Le’Schott loses his life-or his heart?

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