Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Song to Sing!

Another mad month; I performed in and choreorgaphed the fights for As You Like It at the Pied Piper Theatre in Inwood, did fights for a new play "Francine", sold a short story to Tales of Old audio magazine, finished a new novel and sent it off (as requested) to an agent and signed a contract on Songs of a Warrior Priest!
Yes, my Altiva stories will be in print again from Whiskey Creek Press in 2012. This collection of shorts, novellas and a novelet tell the tale of the Priest of the Kova Lord Erique Shoutte. It will also sport this cover by myself, a first for my time with WCP.
So when it comes out, everyone buy it to convince them to do art on covers again and not just slap photos together!!

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