Saturday, December 3, 2011


Another mad month with placement of five stories (that's more than one a week folks!) with four different publishers/anthologies.
My World War II story The Musicbox Warrior is going to be in Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers from Angelic Knight Press.
My article on the swordplay in E.R. B.'s Mars books "A Fighting Manual of MArs" is going to be reprinted in the Heroes of Mars book from Pulp Empire.
My Dr. Shadows tale "A Bargain with Bandit Ping" and my alternate world adventure tale featuring Robert E. Howard "The Crusader from Cross Plains" have both been purchased to run in Tales of Old audio magazine.
And last but certainly not least Altus Press/Pro Se has launched a new line of new stories by new authors of classic pulp characters called PULP OSCURA.
I am writing a story for the Eagle, a preWWII spy character and a future volume/character that I can't talk about yet.
Whew!! oh, and I finished novel and got it of to a literary agent, taught sword classes, performed at a couple of kids parties telling stories and even managed to get some sleep in during the month.

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