Friday, August 26, 2016

A Singular Honor!!!

I found out  couple of days ago that an anthology that I have a story in (The Occurrence of the Black Mirror- a Dr. Argent tale) THE PROTECTORS 2: HEROES- has been nominated for an Anthony Award for best anthology at Bouchercon.
This is a double honor- the book is a charity anthology to raise funds to fight child abuse-- and the people I am in the book with-people like Andrew Vachess, Joyce Carol Oates, Andrew Salmon, Thomas Pluck, Harlan Ellison-and many others are legends and to be among them is a high point.
To be in a book nominated for an award at this mystery writers' con is astounding.
If you are attending consider voting for this book--a win wold sell more and that wold be mean more money for the cause.
And, hell, it is a man fine collection besides!!!!

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