Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tabloid Terrors! Maxi & Moxie are back!!!!

Tabloid Terrors by Teel James Glenn

A Review by Toni V. Sweeney

Moxie Donovan and Maxie are back…in death-defying danger and loving every minute of it!

From the opening story involving a famous magician who comes out of retirement only to be killed onstage, to the final chapter set on an ocean liner on its way to England, these stories are some of the best adventures yet for Michael “Moxie” Donovan—ace reporter—and his actress wife, Maxine Keller, aka Maxie.

In spite of Moxie not being transformed into a horse or a donkey this time around (though some of his acquaintances may argue about the donkey part), he does struggle through two stories while wearing a fat suit and his observations during those episodes are genuinely amusing as well as ascerbic. Solving a mystery of how certain actresses stay young through the ococult assistance of a photograph retoucher, learning a secret his favorite uncle took to the grave and afterward decided to reveal, and helping scotch an invasion of Greenland—of all places—are only three of the misadaventures ini which our favorite newshound gets involved. The latter is fraught with sparks of jealousy when he learns it involves wife Maxie’s former amour, which definitely arouses Mr. Donovan’s Irish ire.

While the original story in which Moxie meets Maxie on a movie set with Bela Lugosi will always be my favorite, this groups of short stories is well done and enjoyable.  Bela makes a brief appearance and adds to the fun.  With mention of current events and well-known names of the times thrown in, it’s a volume the pulp fiction lover shouldn’t miss.

Kudos all around…for Moxie, Maxie, and their creator, TJ Glenn.

This anthology was supplied by the author and no remuneration was involved in the writing of this review.

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